Secure & Cloud-Based

Canopy is cloud-based and secure, offering PCI-, HIPAA- and FERPA-level compliance. You can use it across multiple facilities, make and obtain updates in real time, collaborate with other users, and easily access your records.


Parent/Family Portal

Parents will love the ease and convenience provided by Canopy. They can register online, update their profile, make online payments, manage their child’s schedule, send in medical forms, get tax statements, and communicate with you, all with a few simple clicks.


Daily Attendance Tracking

Manage time and attendance for your kids efficiently and accurately. Capture and track roll call, check-in and check-out times, and other pertinent daily details electronically. Better manage staff-to-child ratios and automatically bill for late pick-ups or early drop-offs.


Class & Activity Management

Canopy turns managing classes, activities and events into an easier, more organized process. Your staff can input, track, monitor, and access information, allowing for at-a-glance planning and scheduling, so everyone is on the same page. Likewise, your parents can quickly stay up-to-date on the events and activities their kids are involved in.


Electronic Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing just got a whole lot easier with Canopy. Say goodbye to paper invoices and checks. Say hello instead to a seamless process that boosts collection rates and cash flow – all without the chasing. Canopy can even automatically send reminder notifications to past due accounts, making billing less time-consuming.

Payment Processing

Canopy integrates multiple payment gateways, so your customers can pay in a way most convenient to them. Parents want to pay with PayPal, a credit card, or directly from a checking or savings account? No problem! Canopy can also keep track of subsidy payments, too.

Wait List

Managing your wait list doesn’t have to be such a headache. Canopy can keep track of openings, automatically emailing the next-in-line parent when a new spot opens up, and communicating revised standings to parents still waiting.

Health Records

Not only is storing up-to-date health records required by the government, but you also need to demonstrate to parents that you can keep their kids’ safe. With Canopy, you can do just that, inputting and managing health records for children across multiple facilities.

Menu Planning

Kids eat a lot – and you need all the help you can get planning and tracking meals. With Canopy, you can quickly build out nutritious menus and schedule them on a weekly or monthly basis, then track and monitor exactly what was served for accurate meal counts.


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